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Not pretty.
kayisforkeen  10/13/2018
Born in 1982, my birth name. Have always loved it, never met another with the same name although I hear they're out there! Father was a falconer, I remember having a Kestrel around from time to time as he rehabilitated. I did change the pronunciation when I was very young. I pronounce it with emphasis on -el rhymes with "bell."
Kestrelcc  4/13/2018
I actually like this name as a male name. One of my guy characters is name Kestrel, so I think it's a pretty unisex appellation.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2016
Kestrel is such a beautiful name. *o* I'm surprised so many people on here don't like this name!
― Anonymous User  10/20/2015
This is my chosen name, and I love it; I'm surprised people think it's ugly as it soars off my tongue perfectly every time I say it! It can be a bit of a mouthful, so I go by Sketch (my nickname for years works, phonetically speaking, as a nickname) and Kel (first and last letters).
Prouvaire  9/4/2015
I actually prefer this name for a boy and love it there. It's sort of similar in sound to Cassius - another favorite of mine - but with the same sort of imagery I get from Peregrine. But I also love Kester for a boy, which I think could easily be used as a nickname for Kestrel :)
Madyson  8/7/2012
I don't find it attractive. I might be crazy, but it makes me think of... gastritis!
Caprice  11/30/2011
I picked this name for my character in an online roleplaying game and it has actually really grown on me. I love the nickname Kes/Kess.
Sezzers  6/9/2011
I first fell in love with this name reading "The Wind on Fire" Trilogy in middle school and I'd love to use this for a daughter.
SamJackShipper93  4/29/2011
I really love this name. I would seriously consider it for my daughter, if (and hopefully when) I ever have one. I can't quite explain why I like it so much, it just make me smile when I say it or read it. Plus it's unique, but not stupid. Kestrel, to me, is simply beautiful.
Hannah_E  7/16/2010
Personally, I think the Old French root of this name, Crecelle, would make a better given name! Kestrel is rather harsh.
erb816  12/27/2009
Kestrel sounds weird on a person. Most bird names don't work as human names. Would you name your kid Pigeon, Ostrich, or Flamingo? Certainly not, I hope!
bananarama  9/21/2009
I really like this name. I think Kess or Kessie would be a really cute nickname. I'm not too fond of the meaning though.
pandasayscynical  6/26/2008
My best friend is named Kestrel and I think it's a beautiful name.
Lore  4/29/2008
A very ugly name. I guess it's the combo of s, t, and r following each other, but this just doesn't sound pleasant. And it ends in an 'l'! Too many consonants and all.
slight night shiver  4/26/2008
I think this name could be used for a boy as well as for a girl!
quinn_valora7  5/11/2007
In a book trilogy called "The Wind on Fire Trilogy" the girl main character's name is Kestrel. The author is named William Nicholson.
Kestrel-Bowman-Pinto  2/5/2007
I sorta like this name. Could be the name for a brown haired, waifish, skinny, bird-looking girl. Cute!
Kings_falcon  1/30/2007

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