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Killian's Irish Red, anyone? It's a beer.
-- Anonymous User  5/11/2007
As mentioned above, Killian is a character in the Sweep series. Though, in the book, his name is said to mean 'strife.'
-- EchoSketcher  10/17/2011
Killian Donnelly is an Irish-born actor who played Combeferre in the 2012 movie production of Les Miserables.
-- Anonymous User  3/2/2013
St. Kilian (also spelled Killian & Cillian) was an Irish traveling bishop and martyr. Würzburg Cathedral in Würzburg Germany was dedicated to him. His saint's day is July 8th.
-- Vesey  3/17/2013
In 'Once Upon A Time', Killian Jones is the real name of Captain Hook, Obviously after he loses his hand he goes by Hook.
-- Grace_Scarlette  10/28/2013
Killian is the name of one of the characters in the TV show "Witches of East End". He has a relationship with Freya.
-- emilydominko  5/28/2014

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