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I like this name. It's very unique. It sounds sensible, but pretty.
black_lace  1/31/2007
Whoever has this name I feel so sorry for you. Because it's going to have a lot of correcting to do.
kimmy2468  7/6/2007
This name, though admittedly sounding rather pretty, (I don't think) would work in today's time, because it looks like a compound of the words "kin" and "borough" (like the Borough of Manhattan).
erb816  7/13/2009
An interesting site about this name:
Camilla  11/16/2010
It sounds like the name of a cottage or something.
Hushpuppy  6/14/2011
This would make a good alternative to all the surnames (e.g. Madison, Carrington) on girls nowadays. It has a greater history of usage, but still fits in with the trend.
the_awesome_elf  1/21/2012

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