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King Orba, filmmaker.
SoundsAndJets  7/24/2017
There is a character named King Bradley in the manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist. His full title within the series is Fuhrer President King Bradley. He was given the name because as a child it was planned that he would become the leader of their nation. I think this name screams egomaniac. It's way too much for any kid to have and it's more of a title than a first name, anyways.
sunshinechild67  11/11/2012
King Vidor (1894-1982) was a very prolific film director whose works include 'The Crowd' (1928) 'Hallelujah!' (1929), 'The Big Parade' (1925), 'The Champ' (1931), 'Northwest Passage' (1941), and 'Solomon and Sheba' (1959). He is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the director with the longest career, spanning the years 1913 to 1980.
Anyechka  9/3/2009
Charlie "Blackie" King was a B-western baddie. He was generally the one in charge, whether he acted like it or not (in the movies, I mean).
welovejamesarness  7/27/2009
Larry King is a cable T.V. talk-show host.
breakofday  12/21/2005

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