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Kiran is the name of a character from the webcomic Chirault (
ComradeJocasta  10/15/2014
This is part of the given name of Indian actor Uday Kiran (translates to 'rays of the morning'). Also, there is a film production house known as Usha Kiran or Usha Kiron (which translates as 'rays of dawn').

The Indian variant is pronounced ki-RUN.
Mautam  1/8/2014
Kiran Hayes is one of the all-powerful Billings Girls in the first four novels in Kate Brian's Private series.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2007
The Indian-born novelist Kiran Desai became the youngest woman to win the Man Booker literature prize with her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss, in 2006.
KateB  12/7/2007
Kelli Williams & Ajay Sahgal have a son Kiran Sahgal, he was born in May 1998.
Maggie_Simpson  10/7/2007
Famous bearer: Kiran Chetry. Mrs. Chetry is a FOX NEWS anchor.
Pheadirean  6/4/2006
Kiran Shaw is a scale double in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Peter Jackson, not those awful animated ones where Gollum looks like a frog) and is also the queen's servant in The Chronicles of Narnia movie.
ringer007  1/29/2006

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