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I first saw this name about two minutes ago when looking at the comments for the name Methodius. I gasped, and sat with my jaw hanging open for so long it's a really good thing no one else was in the room. I have no recommendations about its real-life usage, knowing hardly anything about it, but DANG would it make a good name for a fantasy character.
El is a Beth  10/14/2014
24th May is the day of St Kiril and St Metodii (St Cyril and St Methodius) - the day of the Slavonic writing and culture.
iva_toneva  5/24/2006
The Bulgarians Kiril and Metodii (the English names of whom are respectively Cyril and Methodius) are the brothers who created the Slavonic alphabet.
iva_toneva  5/10/2006

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