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Kirsten Larson is the original pioneer-era American Girl doll.
Eirena  7/18/2005
Kirsten Dunst is a famous actress.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005
A famous bearer of the name is Kelly Rowan's character, Kirsten Cohen, on The OC.
october_bay  5/5/2006
Kirsten Flagstad (July 12, 1895-December 7, 1962) was a great 20th century Norwegian opera singer.
alberto  6/21/2007
Kirsten Flagstaff was a famous Wagnorian Opera singer who died in 1962.
Kaiserina  12/29/2008
Kirsten Flipkens is a famous tennis player from Belgium.
zwartadder  5/30/2014
Kirsten Bishop (1963-2014) was a Canadian actress who voiced many of the female villains in the English dub of Sailor Moon.
Acajou  5/4/2017

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