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Kizzy Kinte was the daughter of Kunta and Bell Kinte in the American classic, ROOTS: THE SAGA OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY.
Mira Iman  1/2/2007
According to Kunta Kinte, the main protagonist in Alex Haley's ROOTS: THE SAGA OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY, Kizzy means "stay put" in Mandinka.
Mira Iman  1/2/2007
I think that it is cute.
number1212  8/26/2008
Kizzy is also the main character in Rumer Godden's children's novel 'The Diddakoi'.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2008
I think this sounds more like a nickname than a name.
Kayla_christine  3/29/2009
Reminds me of kissy.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2010
Other names that were popularised in the late 1970s by the series "Roots": Kunta (pronounced KOON-tə) and Kinte (both taken from the name of the main character Kunta Kinte), Kizzie (variant of Kizzy) and LeVar (inspired by LeVar Burton, the actor who played Kunta Kinte).
overtheclouds  11/11/2012

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