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It's beautiful but how do you pronounce it?
― Anonymous User  11/17/2006
It better not be pronounced Klit-tee.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2007
I'm not positively sure on how to pronounce this name, but the umlaut over the "e" causes it to be pronounced seperately from the preceding "i." I think that this name may be pronounced Klee-tee-a or Klie-tee-a.
― Anonymous User  6/15/2007
This name is pronounced KLIGH-tee (igh rhyming with high and eye).
AnnoLuce  1/13/2008
Being that the Latinized version of the name is Clytia, I think it's fairly safe to assume that it's pronounced cly-tee-a.
― Anonymous User  2/12/2008
It does sound pretty, but I'm afraid that someone who was branded with the snobbish name Clytemnestra would be called this for short. It sounds too much like "clitoris" as well.
bananarama  8/6/2009
My inclination is to pronounce it KLIGH-tee, rhymes with 'flighty'. The weird vowel cluster at the end is probably supposed to make a three-syllable name, though. My experience dictates that a vowel with a trema is usually pronounced the same as how I would say the vowel if I was naming it - that is, ë would be EE. However, that is how umlauts tend to work and diaereses are not umlauts - this is a diaeresis. Thus I suspect that this name is meant to be pronounced more like KLIGH-tee-eh, which would almost certainly be taken into Latin as Clytia/KLIGH-tee-uh.
Tiktok  10/9/2012

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