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The name means "beautiful world" or "beautiful peace" from Russian elements kras "beauty" and mir "world" or "peace".
Bai-Goku  12/10/2005
I love this name. It can be also translated as "someone, who makes the world beautiful".
Hai_fisch  6/1/2006
Also Serbian.
mssdm  4/30/2008
There are sources who list the meaning of the first element as being "to resurrect, to restore". In addition to that, these sources list Krešimir and Krzesimir as being variants of Krasimir, not as names where the first element has a different meaning than the one it has in Krasimir.
Lucille  4/28/2012
Krasimir is the best name. Simply #1.
support  3/31/2017

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