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My name is Krishna and I'm a female. Krishna means all attractive or attractive one. Lord Krishna is really beautiful- not like the Bollywood or Hollywood actors, but 10,000 times more beautiful than us. Krishna is the cause of all causes. He has 64 qualities in him. Krishna is both a male and a female name.
KrishnaP  5/26/2016
My name is Krishna and I am a female with no ties to the Hindu Faith. When my mother named me Krishna she had no idea that the name was a Hindu Gods name. She altered the name my father wanted to give me to make it sound more English. Found out later that the name has significant meaning.
I am a young lady and have met many Indian people who all seem to be okay with the fact that my name is Krishna. One elderly lady even told my mother that it sounds beautiful as a girls name and that she believes I will be very blessed in my life.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2016
In Chile, it first entered the top 50 (as a girl's name) in 1999. That is, according to René Brunner of, probably due to the fame of Chilean journalist, television presenter, radio host and writer Krishna de Caso Navas (1978-). Its most popular year was 2002, when it was ranked in 12th place with 0.61% of girls named Krishna.

Link: (1999 - top 50 goes back to 1990, while top 100 goes back to 2003) [noted -ed]
m4yb3_daijirou  11/29/2015
Krishna means the all-attractive personality according to Vedic scriptures.
swaroopkishan87  1/26/2011
I can't believe people use this as a girl's name. The majority of the ones who do probably know very little about the source, they just think it sounds pretty or exotic. In my opinion, it sounds metallic and a bit unpleasant. I may be racking up frequent flyer miles to Conclusions here, but I wish people would actually learn about the name.
Wilted  9/10/2009
Krishna can also be a girls' name. I heard it as the name of the daughter of a recently deceased Indian singer.
bananarama  9/5/2009
Hare, hare, hare! I love this archetype of godhood from the Hindu pantheon. But that said, would I name an American, non-Hindu this? No. The Hare Krishna movement in the US, as loving and sweet as the members tend to be, gets a lot of bad press in our country and I think a kid could get some tough biased teasing about shaving his head and "where's your orange toga?" sort of thing if given this name.
leananshae  12/24/2007
My boyfriend's name is Krishan, which seems fairly similar to Krishna. His mother is of Indian descent, so it would make sense that the two names are related.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2007
He is an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is the one who manages this universe. It's a tough job! Trust me!
― Anonymous User  6/25/2005
Krishna was also the consort of the Hindu goddess Radha, and brother to the Hindu God Balarama, lord of the strength and wisdom. Other names of his include Govinda (caretaker of the cows), Syamasundara (blackish one), and Madhava.
Morrigu  12/16/2004

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