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This is pronounced kri-stina, both with short "i" sounds.
Wunderkind_Princess  8/2/2006
It looks nice in Poland, but in English speaking countries it looks like a trendy spelling of Christina.
number1212  9/3/2008
I don't like this unless you're Polish. It just looks slap-happy and dumb. Like you love putting Y in names and it looks like it should be pronounced Kr-ice-tie-na. It's stupid.
becca_marciano  2/27/2009
This is one of my favorite alternate spellings of Christina, since I love Polish names, but unfortunately it will look like (or even unknowingly be used as) an illiterate kreatyv spylyng to a lot of people in English-speaking countries. I do like the Polish nickname Krysia though.
Anyechka  7/27/2009
I like when people have unique spellings for names. I really do, but this is a bit too much, in my opinion.
EDIT I didn't know it was Polish, sorry. I am an American and I just thought it was another way of spelling Christina.
Gio123  9/27/2013
I am surprised at the negative reactions to this name commented above. Yes, I am partial to it (since it is my name) and it is a logical choice given that I am half-Polish.
I frequently get compliments from non-Poles on the unusual and pretty spelling, although people are surprised at the simplicity of pronunciation. Many non-polish speakers are just overwhelmed by the lack of vowels, but they get over it quick.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2016
I'm Polish and I love this name!
DundiculutNicholas  1/27/2017
I never realized it was Polish. I always thought it was more of a Norwegian derivation. My family is Swedish-Irish with some German. I do get compliments on the spelling.
KrystynaL  6/4/2017

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