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This became my favorite name for a boy after I saw "The Terminator."
― Anonymous User  8/26/2005
This is the name of that guy on The Amanda Show, Totally Kyle (portrayed by Drake Bell).
Tbird  9/25/2005
Famous bearer: actor Kyle MacLachlan.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2005
Kyle is a character on South Park.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2005
All of the other women with the name Kyle (that I've met) were born in the middle 1950's. We were named after an Irish soprano named Kyle McDonald who was a panalist on Xavier Cougat's game show. All of our mothers thought that her name was pretty.
kyleag  12/27/2005
Thanks so much to the person who posted about "Kyle Macdonald". I also wondered where those female Kyles born in the early 1950s came from; I went to high school with two of them! By Googling I discovered the TV celebrity's name was really Kyle McDonnell, and she was called "Miss Television of 1948" by TIME magazine:
clevelandkentevans  5/21/2008
My name is Kyle, and I have experienced over my lifetime how popular this name actually is. Every where I would go I would find that there would be several other Kyles along with me, this getting very confusing. Nevertheless, I am proud to have this name!
racerkyle43  2/16/2006
Kyle is a pretty nice name, other than the fact that all the Kyles I know are extremely annoying! Nevertheless, I like this name!
Miamaya  3/2/2006
Kyle Massey is a great teen actor. He stars in Disney Channel movies, and That's So Raven! He is good!
― Anonymous User  3/25/2006
I love this name for a guy but I also know girls with this name. All the Kyles I know are such nice people, are great to have fun with and are the hottest men/boys around. (they also drink like fish ;-))
GuessModel  4/7/2006
I have always liked the name Kyle. It sounds handsome and gentle. It is no wonder it has been so popular.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
Kyle Sandilands is an Australian radio host and judge of Australian Idol.
BtNfan  6/29/2006
Matt Dallas stars as Kyle in the new TV series "Kyle XY."
MusicRat  8/3/2006
My boyfriend's name is Kyle and I've really grown to like it. Although I won't be calling our future kid Kyle, it has a nice ring to it.
katie XX  9/11/2006
If "Kyle" (which I used to like but am now ambivalent about) were derived from "caol", then it would be pronounced "keul" (like the French "neuve") in Scots Gaelic or "kayl/keel" in Irish.
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
I'm not a fan of this name. I don't like the combination of the 'K' and later the 'l' in the one syllable.
scarletquillraven  2/13/2007
It can be a girl's name too! My snowboard coach's daughter who looks scarily like me is named Kyle. Though, personally, I like it better for a boy. I've known some very odd but generally sweet boys named Kyle.
writing the world  3/3/2007
I used to like this name very much, but now I think it is just okay. It is getting to the point of being overused, which I don't like very much. At least it's not in the top ten, though, but its popularity seems to be increasing.
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
Actually, I take that back. It's growing on me.
CharlieRob  6/16/2007
There is a character in "Dunstin Checks In" named Kyle.
Brianna Angela  6/17/2007
Very nice name!
CharlieRob  10/1/2007
The name sounds very good for a boy! I am using this name for a fan character!
aquaspirit96  10/4/2007
This is a very cool name; perhaps for youth. I can't imagine though, and old man named Kyle.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2007
Kyle sounds like the name for a tree or a plant - also it rhymes too easily with vile - not a good choice.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2008
Well, I don't know how famous she is but on America's Next Top Model there was a contestant named Kyle. She made it pretty far in the competition. I think it was Cycle 6 (2005). She made me LOVE that name for a girl.
krazykels  1/21/2008
My name is Kyle and I am a girl. It's taken me a long time to really like my name. It's quite different when a girl has this name. Most people who comment on it like it. But I've also had many people either give me weird looks or say they aren't a fan. But for anyone who is thinking of naming their girl Kyle, please don't. People teased me a lot growing up and it's just a pain when people ask if its short for something or if it's pronounced Kylie. They just always have to comment on it. And next time anyone meets another girl named Kyle, please be nice and say you like it or just don't comment at all.
kyleann4  1/21/2008
A famous bearer of this name is Kyle Patrick, the new lead singer of the band, 'The Click Five'.
_clippit_  6/23/2008
Okay, I know a girl named KYLE. Is that really rare?
― Anonymous User  11/17/2008
I really think it's pretty, though, on a girl. Kyles that are girls are always special people.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2008
My name is Kyle and I like it just fine. But it is kind of annoying how many Kyles there are. I'm in college right now, and one of my roommates is Kyle, it gets very confusing, we even work at the same place!
ILPSU  2/5/2009
There is a female character in Child's Play 2 called Kyle.
Ino Aole  12/13/2009
I love the name, Kyle! I don't care how many people share it. It is still an awesome name. Also, some people I talk to think that it is pronounced with one syllable, but I think it is two syllables and sounds better that way.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2010
I hate the name. It's overused and boring. It's even worse on a girl. What part of it sounds feminine? I will never know.
Chrila96  12/11/2010
Another famous Kyle is Kyle Chandler, of the "Friday Night Lights" television show.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2011
Kyle Richards (who is a girl) is an actress on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Ryry1996  5/5/2011
I graduated with a girl named Kyle in 1976, Lee Meriwether the actress, has a daughter named Kyle, my sister-in-law’s middle name is Kyle and my daughter is named Kyle, (born 1987) she went to school with another girl named Kyle (born 1985) My daughter loves her name!
kyles mom  1/24/2013
The name is actually unisex, not masculine only. See here->
Slitnokker  7/22/2014
Kyle as used in Ireland means, from the straits, or the narrows. My great grandmother, several generations back, immigrated from Ireland. Her name was Mary Kyle. Her son named his first girl Kyle and it has been a girls name in our family for 4 generations before. Me and my daughter and granddaughter both have the name as a middle name. I hated the name at first, because no one in the South can pronounce it correctly. It rhymes with smile, also vile, as someone else said. I like smile better. Until I was in high school, I had not known anyone else with this name, until I met a boy whose last name was Kyle. Since then, I have only met a few women named Kyle, but many men and boys. These days, couples are naming their children gender crossing names. In college, people told me it was unusual and they liked it. I am unique, so I thought that was great. Now the name is hardly unique. I still love it!
thenursekyle  9/12/2014
Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn) was the hero in the first Terminator movie. He protected Sarah Connor from the Terminator and became the father of future resistance fighter John Connor.
MKemmel  12/6/2014
Kyle Broflovski is one of the four main characters on South Park. He was loosely based on series creator Matt Stone.
MKemmel  12/6/2014
The most beautiful and caring boy, loving and sweet 'Kyles' are the kindest men alive they're so heart warming. If you ever get a Kyle, never let them go, because you will regret it when you realize they're the sweetest, kindest, cutest men on this earth.
Rhix  12/22/2014
Common, common Kyle. Everyone named Kyle is 27 now. Just such a trendy name that you can pin-point to a certain time. If it stayed more classic like Ryan it would be cooler. But it didn't.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
I knew a Kyle who was a horrible person, a liar, a cheat and used girls then dumped them... to say that a NAME makes you wholesome is just plain naive.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Kyle is a little bit of a plain & boring name, but it's a cute, nice name for a guy nonetheless.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2015
So dated and boring. Most Kyle's are predictable jerks. Forget it. Move on.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
It's so common for boys but it's okay I guess. You'd have to be crazy to give this to a girl though. Why on earth would you name your daughter Kyle when you have the feminine versions Kylie and Kyla?
― Anonymous User  7/10/2015
I named my son Kyle as there was a hero paratrooper and I thought he was so noble and when I looked at him I just knew Kyle would be the perfect name. At the time I didn't realize everyone else was naming their baby's Kyle too, unfortunately. I remember going to the highland Games in Montreal Quebec and he was two years. I had to call him as he was running around and realized that several other children of approximately the same age stopped in their tracks, they were also named Kyle the poor moms and I just laughed it off, one even said Great Minds, eh?
SandraMM  10/4/2015
When I get older I'm going to name my kid if it's a boy Kyle. I love this name so much. I don't know why but a lot of people hate this name! I love everything about it, How it's spelled I love the sound of it as well! I do recommend this name.
mmkrocks  11/1/2015
I like this name for a boy. However, I'm not going to name my kid Kyle. And why would you give this name to a girl?! It's not flattering I would rather you name a girl Kyliee. Kyliee is way prettier than Kyle for a girl. But for a boy, Kyle sounds like a great name!
klc0625  11/1/2015
Well the name Kyle, for a girl, has worked for me for nearly 50 years. I was born WAY back in 1967 and have been named Kyle ever since and back then NO ONE had unusual names! I rather like it for this gal! It was NOT a name that my folks picked for the baby regardless of if I had been a boy or a girl. It was their GIRL'S name. So, it is a great name as far as I am concerned. Just sayin' :)
RockyMtnGal  11/20/2015
A bit plain and boring in my opinion but it's still a decent name. I find it to be a lot more interesting than many names out there today.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2016
Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason, better known as Kyle the Conjurer from Nickelodeon's "Fanboy and Chum Chum" is a bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2016
My boyfriend is named Kyle and I fell in love with his name. It is so easy to say in many ways. I wouldn't call my daughter Kyle because every time I say or hear it, I imagine a strong man, but I am not saying that it is not a great name for a girl too!
I am a fan of this name :))
― Anonymous User  2/15/2016
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, (or in this case, as a middle) some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Lucas Kyle
Theodore Kyle
Spencer Kyle
Logan Kyle
Morgan Kyle
Nolan Kyle
Sebastian Kyle
Shannon Kyle
Thomas Kyle.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2016
Sorry, but this name is so dated from the 80s. The few Kyles I knew growing up were short and kinda punks. Never liked the name.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2016
What is so feminine about the name Kyle? That makes me sad to think that it was just a boys' name, although I'm female with a unisex name as well, but Kyle? Wow. It's like naming a guy Kyla.

By the way, I have a character named Kyle from my series. :) Very sweet and adorable, as well as agile and flexible.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2016
I know several women named Kyle. I don't like this name as it's very dated but I do agree that it sounds more masculine. But then again, the names Avery, Ashley, Logan, James, Riley were once used for boys but are becoming unisex. I guess Kyle is headed that way. But Kyle isn't a name I like for anyone born today. It really sounds like a boy from the 80s.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
I'm also a girl and my name is Kyle. I've hated it for years, and wanted people to call me by a nickname. I've recently gotten used to the name Kyle, after finding out that it can be a girl's name too.

I really liked that there was a girl named Kyle in Child's Play 2, until then, I thought it was only a boy's name.
The Powerpuff Girls  6/6/2016
The name Kyle was given to 60 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Kyle is an extremely babyish, obnoxious and elitist, and it doesn't sound strong at all, it just sounds like a name of a typical jerk in his 20's.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2016
Also the surname of veteran and sniper Chris Kyle.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2016
It's a great American name, but it's so over-used. Already you can pin-point the age of those with this name, it's way more trendy than Ryan, which is much more classic.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
One of the teacher's kids from my school has this name, and she is a girl. Because of the teacher's accent it sounds like he named her Kale though, lol.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2016
Kyle is a male name only. Sure there are ignorant Americans, culturally appropriating Scottish and Gaelic names like usual, but in the rest of the civilized world, it's solely a boy's name. It's a horrible name for a girl.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2017
If you say a girl can't be named Kyle, you're stupid. People can name their children whatever they want to. It's a cute unisex name and it doesn't hurt you if someone names their kid Kyle.
darkshinesdjh  3/29/2017
Kyle John Echarri is a Filipino-American singer, recording artist, and actor. He was born in Orange County, California and started singing at the age of two. His family moved to Cebu City, Philippines in June 2014. Echarri rose to prominence and made his first television appearance at the age of eleven when he joined season 2 of The Voice Kids, where he landed Top 6 under Sarah Geronimo's Team Just six seconds after he started singing One Direction's "Night Changes" during the blind auditions, Coaches Bamboo and Sarah already turned for the then 11-year-old Cebuano footballer eventually choosing to be part of Team Sarah. A commemorative album was then released by MCA Music featuring Kyle Echarri's performances tracks "Got To Believe In Magic" and "Hero".
cutenose  4/17/2017
Kyle Harris Higashioka is an American professional baseball catcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He made his MLB debut on April 10, 2017. Higashioka attended Edison High School in Huntington Beach. He played for the school's baseball team and committed to the University of California to play college baseball for the California Golden Bears. The New York Yankees selected him in the seventh round of the 2008 MLB draft. He signed with the Yankees, receiving a $500, 000 signing bonus, rather than attend college.
cutenose  5/30/2017
Kyle 'Marbles' Nakazawa is a retired American soccer player. Nakazawa grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School from 2002 to 2003, before moving to the Edison Academic Center from 2003–2005 where he was a part of the U.S. U-17 residency program. Nakazawa played college soccer at UCLA from 2006 to 2009; he was named to the 2006 Soccer America and Top Drawer Soccer All-Freshman first teams and College Soccer News' All-Freshman second team, was a 2007 Second-team All-Pac-10 selection and UCLA Bruins MVP, and was a 2009 First-team NSCAA All-American, an All-Far West selection, a First-team All-Pac-10 selection, and a Pac-10 All-Academic honoree. He played club soccer for the Irvine Strikers.
lilolaf  7/15/2017
The name Kyle reminds me of Kylo Ren from Star Wars. I think it sounds very masculine and attractive.
tomboysquirrel  7/31/2017
Beautiful name mostly because it's my name, lol.
It reminds me of bacon- wonderful.
easyhelpjr  9/22/2017
I became aware of the name Kyle after the Terminator movie also but I didn't name my son "after" the terminator. I named my other son Conner - which I heard from the Outlander movie for the first time. Again, I just liked the name after hearing them. They have a Celtic sound. Of course, people in my age bracket thought I named both sons after the Terminator because of the Kyle character in the movie and the woman's name was Sarah Conner. Duh... who would name them after the movie. I named them that because I heard the name for the first time - as Kyle was not a common name at that time - and I simply liked them. I think Kyle is a nice name. It was a common name in the 90s to name your child.
riverclark67  11/21/2017

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