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I hate -eigh names. I am tired of them. Very tackeigh. I prefer Kylie.
Jghazt333  2/10/2016
I think the spelling of this name is atrocious. I hate -leigh ending names (Kimberleigh, Ashleigh, Nataleigh, etc.), and I find them to be horribly tacky. Kylie is a cutesy name that's not really to my taste, but it's better than Kyleigh.
kvpp88  10/3/2014
New Jersey's unpopular "Kyleigh's Law", effective March 2010, was named for a girl of this name who died in a car accident.
The law required drivers under 18 to place an orange sticker on their license plates to be more easily identifiable by police. Teens pulled over without the sticker would be fined. Many drivers don't comply anyway.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2012
It seems this variant is trying too hard to be different and comes off as a bit silly. It's a simple, though lovely, name and looks better when spelled more simply in my opinion.
katieangelini  7/24/2011
I love this name!
I love just about any name that ends in LEY, LEIGH, LEI, or LI etc.
h3ath3rm08  2/25/2011
This spelling is so ugly and babyish.
bananarama  12/23/2010

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