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Saint Laszlo is drummer Pete Wentz's son's full name.
wh0sbad  7/22/2019
Unusual name but I like it! However there might be some spelling mistakes.
XYKLONE  2/20/2018
László Cseh is a Hungarian competitive swimmer and six-time Olympic medalist. He is a 33-time European Champion. His father, László Cseh Sr., also represented Hungary at the Olympics in swimming.
lilolaf  3/21/2017
With 300 461 bearers, László is THE MOST COMMON masculine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016
Laslow (a variant spelling) is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates. He is the same character as Inigo from Fire Emblem: Awakening, the previous game. (Laslow is the alias that Inigo is using in Nohr.)
Buneary  4/6/2016
Victor Laszlo was Ilsa's (Ingrid Bergman) husband in "Casablanca." He was played by actor Paul Henreid.
humblebee  3/31/2012
I love this name! I actually ended up giving it to one of my kittens. It fits him perfectly, I think. And he even kind of looks like the cartoon monkey from Camp Lazlo :P
Lieselchen  11/20/2010
László de Almásy is a character in the movie 'The English Patient'. Ralph Fiennes portrayed László.
Antique_Cherub  7/9/2010
Lazlo (a variant) is the name of a funloving cartoon monkey "bean scout" on Cartoon Network's "Camp Lazlo".
not_another_Jessica  12/7/2008
Actor Peter Lorre's birthname was Laszlo Lowenstein.
bloodystubbornaries  3/12/2008
Incredibly annoying radio personality Lazlo of "Church of Lazlo" bears a variant of this name.
Midgard666  2/13/2008
"LASZLO!" Shouted Tallulah (three L's, one H), the annoyingly nasally showgirl (or whatever she was) in the Doctor Who episodes "Daleks in Manhatten" and "Evolution of the Daleks."
― Anonymous User  8/8/2007
It's all so clear, now. Bill Joyce must be a Dr. Who fan. He named two of his characters Tallulah and Laszlo in his children's book, "A Day with Wilbur Robinson." Tallulah is Wilbur's older sister, while Laszlo is a cousin who has invented an anti-gravity belt. When the book was made into the Disney movie "Meet the Robinsons," Tallulah and Laszlo were made sister and brother (Grandpa Bud's niece and nephew). Added to Laszlo's belt was a paint gun that he proves himself quite skilled with.
Atarah Derek  3/11/2008
Actually, after some research I've discovered it's the other way around. The creators of Doctor Who are clearly William Joyce fans. They took the names Tallulah and Lazlo and wrote an episode featuring the codifier of the name, Tallulah Bankhead (although she was in London in 1930, but that's historical license for you). It's what we tropers call Fridge Brilliance.
Atarah Derek  12/22/2011
László is character from the TV show "Susedia" (Neighbours). He is played by Andy Kraus.
Ronja  6/26/2007
The English version of Laszlo is Leslie.
marinajavor  3/1/2006
I do not agree with this opinion, that the Hungarian László (Laslo) name is formed of the Slavic Vladislav.

This is my name, that I got from my parents, and I believe this name is not Slavic. I think it is rather from the older Sarmatian. It is very similar to Lancelot (mentioned on Britain area, but neither British nor Celtic name).
Lancelot -> Lanselo, Laslo. More probable than Vladislav -> Ladislav, Ladslav, Ladslo, Laslo (because Sarmatians went to the British island in the III. century as the Roman 6th legion which was an 5500-men jazig heavy-cavalry auxilary army.)

I am from a region of Hungary named Jász-ság (means jász (jas) area) in Hungarian language. It was formed in the XI-XIII. century as a national area what became the home of the Jases within Hungary (they were the best elite horsemen, so they were welcomed in Hungary warmly, even by Saint I. László principally, and they got very serious privileges). It was a return for them, because they already had been living in this area in the Roman ages before Hungarians, that was the Jazig-Empire in the history. Although there is relation between Jases and Hungarians (both came from the Scythian-root), but Jases were not Hungarians, they spoke different language. My ancestors are Jases (jazigs), which is a Sarmatian nation, one of the three Sarmatian branches (Alan, Roxalan, Jazig).

The name László is very often used in my home, and we do not have any Slavic relationship. Although the Hungarian king, Saint I. László had relation to Poland, but I think his name did not come from the Slavic language or name. Maybe the Slavic Vladislav or Ladislau name is also a transcription of the primal Sarmatian name. I found that Polish nobles also had believed so.

"The Szlachta or noble/gentry ethos exerted a particularly strong influence on Polish national culture. From the17th century onward, it was known as the "Sarmatian" culture, from the name of the ancient eastern tribe that Polish nobles believed to be their ancestor."

"Lancelot, is an English version of the name."

"Lancelot or Ladislaus [lãd'islôs, –lus], c.1376–1414, king of Naples"

László Ádám
alac  1/31/2006

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