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Well, I live in Israel - so Hebrew's my native language, and - actually, it's pronounced LAVAN, like saying "love-anne".
gal  10/28/2005
In Sweden (no, it is not commonly used) it is pronounced LAH-ban. Most people in Sweden would probably connect it to the cute children's books about the little ghost Laban (whose sister is called Labolina).
Elphi  12/14/2005
Very nice name, Laban is. I probably wouldn't use it though because it's so uncommon. I bet people would pronounce this name often.
Heathyr  11/3/2009
Reminds me of Lebanon.
Jason Malcolm  4/19/2014
I don't like the English pronunciation "LAY-bən "- it doesn't sound very nice & it sounds WAY too much like the word 'labour'. I would like it if it's said as 'Lə-BAN'.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2014

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