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The Bulgarian word for "tulip" is "lale" (the stress is on the "e"). In Bulgaria besides "Lala" (the stress is on the first "a"), another feminine name with the same root "lal" is the name "Lalka" (the stress is on the first "a").
iva_toneva  5/13/2006
The word "lale", which means "tulip", has a Persian origin. Till now "Lale" is one of the most popular feminine names in Iran. The first information about the "lale" is connected to Persia. The flower is praised by many Persian poets. For Persians it became a symbol of a declaration of love and perfect love. The most beautiful street in Tehran, which is the centre of theatrical art, is called "Lalezar", meaning "tulip garden".
iva_toneva  5/30/2006
Welp, my nickname is Lala. And in my country, it means "Playful". Sure I sometimes got mocked for it, but I love my nickname (plus it's easier to spell than my real name). It's a pretty common nickname in Indonesia though.
I love to put it in an initial such as 36 (La=6 in music and time it with 2).
Another_Hetalian  5/17/2018

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