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The main character in Hairspray is named Link Larkin.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2007
Bearing it as a surname is poet Philip Larkin.
Tytan  3/10/2008
Lady Larkin is a character in the musical "Once Upon a Mattress".
Lady Seashell  3/29/2008
Actually, she's Lady Larken, not Lady Larkin. Larkin seems like a feminine name to me, despite the more masculine -in ending, because of the whole lark thing.
Skittsie13  4/20/2008
I don't really like this name, and it sounds very surname-y and elitist.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
I wouldn't name my kid this or anything, but it looks like a terrific name for a character in a fantasy book, and maybe even a good name for a band, if you think about it.
Pippin  5/4/2008
Larkin was the name Lauren Olamina gave her child in the book Parable of the Talents. Unfortunately, Larkin was kidnapped at the age 2 months old and renamed Asha.
bibi66  2/21/2009
In the book Baby by Patricia MacLachlan (of Sarah, Plain and Tall fame), the main character and narrator is named Larkin. I had never heard this name until I read that book, but I like it a lot. It sounds more feminine to me, probably because the book character is a girl.
britto08  4/25/2009
This seems feminine to me, perhaps because I'd want to use the nickname Lark.
KathosAnnora  3/26/2011
Larkin is also the name of Larkin Groves, a female character from the American TV series "Invasion" (2005-2006), played by American actress Lisa Sheridan (b. 1974).
Lucille  2/25/2013
Larkin is lurkin.
citylights  8/31/2013
As a female with the first name of Larkin, I can honestly say I've never met anyone else -- male or female -- with the same name. In school I always looked at it as: "Well, even if I just sign my first name, the teacher won't confuse me with anyone else." :-).

It is far more common as a last name though. Both it and my middle name (Dyer) were taken from the surnames of two maiden aunts.
Wychcraft  10/16/2015
Larkin Grimm (b. September 18, 1981), an American "experimental folk" singer and songwriter, is a female bearer of this name.
erb816  12/5/2017
Larkin is also a modern feminine name. It was the name of the main character of Patricia MacLachlan's book, Baby.
Britta Waterstone  12/13/2017
Reminds me of larks.
Hushpuppy  2/26/2018

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