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This means "tin" (as in tin of tuna) in Spanish.
wiswina  4/24/2005
The main character in the book 'A Suitable Boy' by Vikram Seth is called Lata.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2006
The Bulgarian name "Latinka" and the name originated from it - "Latina" are feminine names similar to "Lata". This is obvious, but an interesting fact is that like "lata" the Bulgarian word "latinka" means a plant - the flower "nasturtium". In Bulgaria "Latinka" and "Latina" have a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of the flowers and willows (the other names of trees also have a nameday).
iva_toneva  5/10/2006
Pronounced "luh-tah".
― Anonymous User  4/15/2007
Lata Mangeshkar, famous Indian singer who's performed on soundtracks for over 1000 Bollywood films.
Pie  8/8/2011
A sweet name in Sanskrit. Sadly, it wouldn't work very good in Swedish. "Lata" is the plural form of "lat", which means "lazy; idle".
Caprice  10/2/2012

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