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My surname is Laurinyecz. Our family moved from neighbourhood of Bozók (in Slovak Bzovík) onto Békéscsaba on the middle of 1700 years. The original name was "Lavrinecz", "Lavrinc", "Laurenti" or "Laurincz". In Bekescsaba changed the name to "Laurinyecz".
lauri  12/23/2013
For a girl, Laurence is the feminine form of Laurent. Which can be confusing.
Anneza  7/8/2008
There is a second interpretation of this name that is equally potential.
Naming children for cognomens of "Mighty", "Powerful", "Strong", "Victorious" was very common - and as the Victor is usually presented a crown of Laurels - this is the most likely understanding of the name Laurence, Laurentius - and all its cognoma.
― Anonymous User  4/16/2007

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