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I like this spelling better than 'Lauren'.
-- svit-kona  5/15/2006
I think Lauryn Hill the singer spells her name this way.
-- emeraldstar  7/12/2006
You pronounce it like La-ren. My cousin has this name.
-- Sarasponda  8/10/2006
Ew I hate this spelling. It's too trendy, why ruin a pretty name like Lauren?
-- Anonymous User  1/4/2007
My friend has this name. I like it better than my name "Lauren". I like the spelling better.
-- laurennicole  6/2/2007
I like the name but I wouldn't name my girl this, it's been used WAY too much.
-- applemilk  9/10/2007
I think that this should be categorised as English (Modern) instead of just English.
-- mhavril39  10/27/2007
As if Lauren isn't trendy enough.
-- Anonymous User  10/31/2008
Contrary to the above post, this pronounced the same as Lauren, LAWR-ən.
-- emmiix3  3/23/2009
I think this is a nice spelling of the name Lauren. The only problem is that the bearer of this name would be forever spelling it for other people. But I really like it!
-- Joy12  4/23/2011
I don't think that the "-yn" suffix does this name any favors. Lauren is a decent name, albeit tired; altering it causes it to lose remaining charm.
-- Francesca  6/19/2014
I agree with the majority of the posters here.

Lauren is a nice enough name, but when you add the "y" to it, it's just another tryndeigh, kre8yv spelling that will do the bearer no favours.
-- YITYNR  1/6/2016

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