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Why not just use the mature and classy Yvonne instead of this trashy ghetto name with the silly prefix?
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
I never say things like this, but I have to say this now:

This name is SUPER GHETTO! Please refrain from giving your child this crappy name. Just go with Yvonne.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2008
I've read the comments above, but I only know a beautiful 13-year-old girl with the name and it sounds gorgeous! If you ignore the stereotypes and just think of the sound, it really seems quite flowing and sweet. She often goes by the nickname "Vonnie".
The Little Hyphen  12/7/2009
The name Lavonne is a pretty good name. I think that mainly because it is my middle name just spelled differently. If you use it right, Lavonne is a good name.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2018

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