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Wow! Can't believe that this name isn't that common! I thought it would be like Andrea and Alondra, but much more rarer! I LOVE this name and so does my sister.
-- Bethanee_1991  7/25/2006
Leandra is a very beautiful name.
-- Anonymous User  10/29/2006
I /personally/ LOVE this name. I am currently planning to write a story with the main character named Leandra. I think the meaning would be 'lioness' or 'lion of a woman', as it's the feminine form of Leander, which means 'lion of a man'.
-- bobcat_explorer  12/19/2006
I like it. It's pretty.
-- xKatiex  2/6/2007
I read that Leandra is Greek and means "commanding as a lioness."
-- Red_Raven_  6/19/2007
Leander sounds much nicer, and it strikes me as a unisex sounding name. This just sounds like someone adjusted the ending. But personal choice, neh?
-- stormy_lovegood  11/8/2007
Was in 'The body of Christopher Creed', she was Torey's girlfriend in the first half of the book.
-- Sam7747855  2/20/2008
The name doesn't sound particularly pleasant to me. I don't like the somewhat harsh sound of ''andra''.
-- slight night shiver  4/27/2008
Leandra is used in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, although it's not too common. It is NOT a modern creation, and it certainly isn't a combination of Lee and Andrea. I do like Leandra, but it certainly is not an English name! [noted -ed]
-- bananarama  9/15/2009
I think Leandra is so pretty! I'm surprised it's not used more often.
-- Anonymous User  1/30/2011
It is my name but spelled Leeandra and I didn't know of another Leeandra (Leandra) for the first forty years of my life. I am 50 as of March 2015) The last five I have met six of them spelled in various ways. They were all 10 years younger and more. Leondra, LeeAndra, LeAndra, Leandra and mine Leeandra. Although it is a rare name it seems to be catching on. I have heard several meanings, the main one being : daughter of Leo but I really don't know. The urban dictionary has an interesting one for sure.
-- leeandrab  3/20/2015
Leandra Medeiros Cerezo, known professionally as Lea T, is a Brazilian-born, Italian-raised transgender fashion model.
-- cutenose  6/16/2016

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