Names Related to Lecia

Names that are related to LECIA:
AALIS   f   Medieval French
ADA   f   English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Finnish
ADALHEIDIS   f   Ancient Germanic
ADDIE   f   English
ADDY (1)   f   English
ADELAIDA   f   Spanish, Hungarian
ADÉLAÏDE   f   French
ADELAIDE   f   English, Italian, Portuguese
ADELAIS   f   Ancient Germanic
ADELAJDA   f   Polish
ADELHEID   f   German, Dutch
AILEAS   f   Scottish
AILÍS   f   Irish
ALEASE   f   English
ALECIA   f   English
ALEESHA   f   English (Rare)
ALEID   f   Dutch
ALEIDA   f   Dutch, German
ALEIT   f   Low German
ALESHA   f   English (Modern)
ALESIA   f   English
ALI (2)   f   English
ALICA   f   Slovak
ALICE   f   English, French, Portuguese, Italian
ALÍCIA   f   Catalan, Portuguese
ALICIA   f   Spanish, English
ALICJA   f   Polish
ALIDA   f   Dutch, German, Hungarian
ALIISA   f   Finnish
ALIS   f   Welsh
ALISA   f   Russian, Finnish
ALISE (1)   f   Latvian
ALISE (2)   f   English (Rare)
ALISHA   f   English
ALISHIA   f   English (Rare)
ALISIA   f   English (Rare)
ALISON   f   English, French
ALISSA   f   English
ALISYA   f   English (Rare)
ALIX   f   French
ALIZ   f   Hungarian
ALLIE   f   English
ALLISON   f   English
ALLISSA   f   English (Rare)
ALLY (1)   f   English
ALLYCIA   f   English (Rare)
ALLYSON   f   English
ALYCE   f   English
ALYCIA   f   English
ALYS   f   English
ALYSA   f   English (Modern)
ALYSE   f   English (Modern)
ALYSHA   f   English (Modern)
ALYSIA   f   English
ALYSON   f   English
ALYSSA   f   English
ALYSSIA   f   English (Modern)
DELLA   f   English
EILÍS   f   Irish
EILISH   f   Irish
ELICIA   f   English (Rare)
ELKE (1)   f   Dutch, German, Frisian
FELICE   m   Italian
FELÍCIA   f   Hungarian, Portuguese
FELICIA   f   English, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Late Roman
FELICIANA   f   Spanish, Italian, Late Roman
FELICIANO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
FELICIANUS   m   Late Roman
FÉLICIE   f   French
FELICIE   f   German
FÉLICIEN   m   French
FÉLICIENNE   f   French
FELICIUS   m   Late Roman
FELICJA   f   Polish
FELICJAN   m   Polish
FELIKS   m   Russian, Slovene, Polish
FELIU   m   Catalan
FÉLIX   m   French, Spanish, Portuguese
FELIX   m   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, Romanian, Ancient Roman, Biblical, Biblical Latin
HEIDA   f   German
HEIDI   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English
KALISHA   f   African American (Rare)
LAETITIA   f   Late Roman, French
LATISHA   f   African American
LECIA   f   English (Rare)
LESIA   f   English
LETÍCIA   f   Portuguese
LETICIA   f   Spanish
LETITIA   f   English
LETIZIA   f   Italian
LETTICE   f   English (Archaic)
LETTIE   f   English
LETTY   f   English
LISHA   f   English
LYSSA   f   English
NATISHA   f   African American (Rare)
PHELIX   m   Biblical Greek
TALISHA   f   African American (Rare)
TISHA   f   English, African American
TITTY   f   English