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According to another Greek myth Leda was not the mother of Helen, but Nemesis. Nemesis was the goddess of indignation and revenging justice. She was raped by Zeus, while he changed her in a goose and himself in a swan. Nemesis laid an egg, which was given to Leda.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2009
There are more Greek myths about Leda. According to one myth Nemesis was the mother of Helena, who come into the world in a egg. Leda took care of this egg and after the girl. There is also a myth which told us that the father of Helena and Pollux was Zeus. The father of her other two children was Tyndaros.
Kaat5  6/13/2010
Means "boredom" in Swedish.
Caprice  3/19/2014

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