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I think this name is so pretty! I love it. I may just name my daughter Leena.
tiawanna  2/8/2006
My friend is Nathalie Maria-Sarah Elina Veera Leena, she's is Finnish living in the down under where we only have one middle name. She decided she loved Leena the best and was known as Nathalie Leena. Leena was her grandma's name and she loves it so much.
Koolgal  3/30/2007
Leena is a character in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".
TayLeigh127  8/15/2008
No, the character in Ann Brashares's books and now the two movies is Lena. And also the original pronunciation is LEEHN-a.
emsie_kat  4/12/2009
Leena is one of the prettiest, most versatile names out there. The only slight disadvantage is the pronunciation confusion. Personally, I like both Lay-nah and Lee-nah as pronunciations. NOT Lehn-ah.

A name that works for any age.
Amy456  11/27/2008
My other half is Estonian and, when we were having the baby name talk, I mentioned about having a name that had both English and Estonian forms. He immediately picked Leena to which I replied with Ellen.

We've decided to name our first daughter Ellen 'Leena' Kelsey.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2013
A variation of Lena.
The Midnight-Rose  3/23/2015

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