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This was the name given by George Lucas to the character Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy.
-- reservoirdoll1987  1/16/2005
In Star Wars, the name is pronounced LAY-a. However, in the first move (A New Hope), the name is pronounced both LEE-ah and LAY-ah. Odd, huh?
-- ladyoflaurelandash  2/18/2006
I read somewhere that there was a princess born in some random European country and they named her Leah! haha... I think it was on some Star Wars info site. :P.
-- canuckflame  3/28/2006
There is a princess Leah Isadora Behn of Norway. Leia's nice and all but the Star Wars association might become an issue.
-- Bazinga  1/30/2012
I always think of Star Wars when I hear this name.
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2007
No matter what -Star Wars or not- I think Leia is a really cool name. Star Wars just makes it better! =) I don't personally like the name Leah so this is a much better choice. I would name my daughter Leia.
-- Cyneburga  6/21/2007
I love this name! I think the spelling and sound of it is adorable!
-- elysa  6/29/2007
Oddly enough, the Greek word for 'princess' is 'vasileia'. I think Lucas might have taken the name "Leia" as a contraction of the word, as well as making it a variant spelling of "Leah".
-- seraphine_eternal  7/21/2007
It's pronounced almost like the Finnish word "leija" which means kite. I think it's sweet. I don't like the Star Wars-reference, but it's a nice simple name.
-- ventilatorblues  12/21/2007
I LOVE Star Wars, but quite a few fans name their kids Leia. I'd personally prefer to branch out and hit on more discreet ones from the Expanded Universe. Say Callista or Marasiah.
-- Anonymous User  2/11/2008
It's a great name, but PLEASE don't name your twins Luke and Leia. I know someone who did that and it's just sad. Your kids will /not/ thank you.
-- Tyrelle  8/5/2008
In the new DS games of the Harvest Moon games, Ds and DS Cute, Leia is a mermaid that lives in some person's basement.
-- Anonymous User  8/14/2008
I like this name, but I don't like the Star Wars association. I can easily picture Princess Leia in her metal bikini. And naming twins Luke and Leia sounds just pathetic.
-- bananarama  7/27/2009
I read the comment how naming your twins is just pathetic, it made me giggle because my twins names are Luke and Leia and my kids are pretty kick ass! And any where we go people think it's awesome!
-- tcioni  4/23/2015
Not sure Behind the name needs a separate listing from Leia 1.
Lucas probably just used the existing name like he used Luke. (which doesn't have two separate entries.
-- thesnowwhiterose  12/20/2014
This name is really nice! If I ever did have a daughter in the future this will be her name, or it might be Leah but I will pronounce it LAY-a.
-- cutenose  12/31/2015

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