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In one of the name books I have it says Leif means beloved.
leif  11/13/2005
The name Leif comes from the Scandinavian Royal Line of Odin, the Norse God who himself goes by many names. Both heir and descendant the barer of the name has a great store of 'hamingja' (ON) meaning luck. The older generation of men bare this name and often courtesy is paid to them due to their social status as elders. A rise in popularity of the name during the 1970's is an indicator of another algorithmic surge during 2016-2020. The first letter of the name Leif in Runes is 'Laguz/Laukr" and this has special reference to water especially the sea, lakes and fords and has common links with the vegetable leek, a symbol of life, health and virility.
Leif VH  12/6/2015

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