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The name comes from Wales and generaly considered to mean a herb dweller.
-- leo2493  3/28/2005
Leighton Meester is an actress who plays Elisha Springfield in the movie Hangman's Curse. (Must see for anyone dealing with bullying or witchcraft)
-- StevieGrl  7/2/2006
Leighton Meester, who was mentioned by a previous user, is also the star of the hit show "Gossip Girl." She plays the character Blair Waldorf.
-- alwaysbeenyou  5/5/2008
Sounds very elitist on a boy and horrible on cute girls and women alike. Even the spelling is pretentious.
-- slight night shiver  4/27/2008
So ugly on a girl, especially a gorgeous girl like Leighton Meester. I just don't understand the appeal, at all! And people are going to be lazy and say "Leedun". Uggh!
-- Anonymous User  8/20/2009
But Leigh is pronounced "Lee." I don't see how it would be particularly wrong to pronounce this name as either "Lee-ton" or "Lay-ton." The former sounds more feminine, and the latter sounds like it should be a boy's name (and therefore not have quite such a feminine spelling). I was familiar with Layton due to a football player in my school, and I really would never consider naming my daughter "LAY-ton."

As for a girl's name, I much prefer Leighton as a first name to simply "Lee," even if it is spelled Leigh.
-- adelazero  1/21/2011
Please stay away from the fad of naming baby girls Leighton. It's a surname, and not at all feminine or attractive as a girl's first name. If she's ever tardy, she'll be called "Late Leighton".
-- Anonymous User  2/10/2011
Yuck. People seriously name their daughters Leighton? It isn't even that nice of a name on a boy, but it's even uglier on a girl. What girl wouldn't love to have the word "ton" at the end of her name especially if she ever ends up battling with her weight? /sarcasm.
-- Anonymous User  9/2/2011
It's definitely not the best name out there, but it's not the worst, either. It's basically the same thing as Tyson and Braxton; cute when he's little, but unfitting on a man. On a girl, the name sucks. It's not pretty or feminine in the least.
-- Black_X  10/5/2011
Leighton Marissa Meester is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  12/12/2011
The name Leighton was given to 181 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
My name is Leighton. I've received nothing but compliments on my name.
-- LeightonB  10/30/2014
I really love this name for a girl.. it's unique. I am a bit worried that she will get picked on but it's a beautiful name... Leighton B where are you from and what's the history behind the name... did u ever get picked on because of the name?
-- jhill  12/16/2014
This is a pretty good girl name. I like Laityn spelling. But late is not a cute nickname unless she's a "late" person.
-- LV51sfan91  4/11/2015
Leighton/Layton is way better for a little boy. It sounds beautiful, but not girly. I hope this name is still a male name, because I'm tired of hearing that Taylor, Riley, Avery, Blair and a lot of other good names are used much more for girls.
-- heidbz  5/20/2015

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