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This name is pronounced leh-moo-el in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
We would mostly remember this name from Jonathen Swift's masterpiece "Gulliver's Travels". The main character is Lemuel Gulliver.
rosco kid  3/23/2006
I don't like it. It sounds like a hick name to me.
xKatiex  9/24/2006
I don't know how you guys think this sounds like a hick name, the only person I know with this name is black.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2013
It does sound like a hick name. Or someone saying "la mule" in spanglish. I just picture a very unattractive person with a piece of straw in his mouth.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2007
I used to like this name but it makes my skin crawl now. And now that I think about it it does sound like someone with a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth.
lcgirl20  6/19/2007
Lemuel is a lovely name with a wonderful meaning. Lemuel would make a great middle name, but it sounds too uncommon for a first name.
― Anonymous User  1/1/2009
The only reason why I know this name is because in the computer game The Oregon Trail II, there are posters all along the trail for fictitious cattle rustler and murderer Lemuel Knapp. Lemuel is a perfect outlaw name!
meg23  5/30/2009
Lemuel Francis Abbott (1760-1802) was an English portrait painter.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2011
I actually like this. I guess I love hick names. It is a nice underused biblical name and not as weird as someone made it seem.
Marilyn86  9/6/2012
The name Lemuel was given to 52 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/20/2013
The name Lemuel was given to 72 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016

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