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The name Letha itself actually is actually related to oblivion, from the name of the river through hades Lethes. I double checked this on Wikipedia (under Latis, Letha is some comic book character in a metal bra) but I first heard it from someone named Letha.
njb  9/30/2007
Hideous. Sounds like someone with a lisp is trying to say Lisa. This name is just asking for someone to add an ''L'' to the end.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
While I may not agree with the first part of your comment, I agree with the second: this name will attract unwanted L's like the strongest magnet that ever existed.
seraphine_eternal  4/13/2012
I personally knew an older lady named Leatha (pronounced Lee-tha), and have seen it spelled Leitha as well. The usage of the name would have occurred 80-100 years ago.
Jamesina  6/11/2010
The variant spelling Leatha was commonly used in the 1850's-1930's in the U.S.
KathosAnnora  6/4/2011
Add an L.
SEC908  10/7/2012
I seem to recall it meant "forgetful".
vitaminanime  9/22/2014
It means:'Sweet oblivion'. Lethe was the river of forgetfulness in Greek mythology.
So yeah, it means forgetfulness in a way. But not in a bad way. This is a very pretty name I think.
GML  5/5/2016
You're all correct for the most part, save the person that thinks it's hideous. It is derived from "Lethe" and it does mean "oblivion"

And yes, as someone that is actually named Letha. [I'm named after my gramma] I can confirm that a lot of people can't seem to understand my name. Lol. I tell them "It's like Lisa, but with a lisp." Personally, I love my name!
Justalittlehush  12/26/2016
My name is also Letha and I am also named after my "grandmother". (She was more formal.) Since most people think "Lisa" when I say my name, I also say "think Lisa with a lisp." But, I really like saying "It's Lethal with one L."
Maui Girl  8/29/2017
Named after my grandmother as well. She was Letha Pearl, I am Letha Jane. She went by Pearl but I go by Letha although some family members insist on calling me Janie. There has always been a fair amount of confusion with my name, but it has been a great conversation starter. Yes, just call me “lethal weapon”.
Lisawithalisp  12/13/2017
My name is Letha and I am proud of my name. I think it is beautiful and uncommon. And no, I myself am not hideous.
Letharoberts  2/21/2018

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