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Can also be pronounced LIE-Ann.
welshrocker1  1/7/2012
I like my name! Although it is frequently spelled incorrectly I am so glad it's not Leanne as there are far too many around and makes me feel a bit more individual! Now that I'm living in Spain they generally get the spelling correct now, however it is annoying having to correct so many people. I didn't have any rhyming words called when I was younger, and luckily nobody has ever tried to shorten it.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2011
I've lived with this name for over 40 years now (spelled Leanne) and it has had its "moments". Overall though, it's a good name and I only have two major complaints: It's an easy name to whine (try it -- esp. between the "e" and the "a") which is VERY annoying AND it's really a little girl's name. I'm more of an Eleanor now. You know what I mean? PLEASE if you choose this name, use the double "n". Do you know how many times I've been called, "lean"? Ok, it's better than "fat" but still. And just so you other Liannes know, our name is not French and in French, when spoken, means "vine"! I live in France and whenever someone isn't quite getting my name, I mimic swinging on a vine and say, "Tarzan!" and they go, "Oooh! Liane!" Oo la la! The bullying I got for having the name Leanne while growing up was, "pee-pan potty-head". Just FYI. Masculine namesake names: Leon, Leo, Leonard, Lionel, Liam, Lyon (French form of Leon), Lee, Lenny.
leananshae  11/27/2007
Lianne is also a very popular Dutch name, pronounced something like "lee-ahn-nah".
ml1muse  10/20/2005

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