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Pronounced as "Lee-bie-nah" (short -ee-). Liběna´s pet forms are Líba, Libuška, Libby.
Karcoolka  3/20/2007
Pronounced "Lee-bye-nah".
Ronja  3/24/2007
Liběna Rochová, fashion designer
Liběna Hlinková, wife of Czech hockey couch Ivan Hlinka
Liběna Sequardtová, oboist
Liběna Skálová, author
Ing. Liběna Jarolímková, Ph. D., professor
Ing. Liběna Kantnerová, assistant professor
PaedDr. Liběna Kováčová, professor
Liběna Livorová-Hrkalová, actress
Emilie007  12/9/2008

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