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This was the name of a Roman fertility god, often identified with Dionysos.
Samantha Carter  4/22/2017
Another guilty pleasure. Admittedly I first thought of it for a character, but there's something about this name that really appeals to me, despite the fact that it reminds me of libel and Tiberius (not an Emperor most people would want as a namesake: Pliny the Elder called him "the gloomiest of men"). I suppose the meaning "free" helps counteract the tyrannical image I get from Tiberius, and though it *is* long and antiquated, it also has a lilting, playful dimension. I don't think I like any possible nicknames for this (Lib, Liv, Livy, Berry, Rus. All a bit of a stretch), so on the chance I actually do ever use it, it would probably be as a middle name. Otherwise, it's a bit of a mouthful.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2009

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