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Famous bearers are Czech actresses Libuše Šafránková, Libuše Švormová, Libuše Havelková and Libuše Geprtová.
-- Karcoolka  3/24/2007
A legendary Czech princess with a prophetic ability was named Libuše. Because this legend is rather old (I think it was first recorded in the beginning of 12th century by the chronicler Kosmas), I believe it isn't just a pet form of Libìna, but more likely simply originating from the same source. ("libý" is a bit ancient Czech word for "pleasant").
-- HanaB  10/18/2007
Pronounced "Li-boo-sheh" (shortly). Slovak form is Libuša.
-- Karcoolka  3/21/2008
Libuśa and Ljubuśa is the Serbian and Croatian form.
Libusza is the Polish form.
Libussa is the German and Dutch form.
-- Karcoolka  3/21/2008
Serbian and Croatian form is Libuša and Ljubuša.
-- Emilie007  12/9/2008
Famous bearers:
Ing. Libuše Benešová, CSc., chemist
Libuše Bělunková, poet/author
Libuše Čiháková, publicist
Libuše Jarcovjáková, photographer
Libuše Bedrnová, actress
Libuše Bokrová (14. October 1891, Prague), actress
Libuše Freslová (27. June 1898 - 20. August 1982, Prague), actress
Libuše Jiskrová (14. May 1940), actress
Libuše Komancová, actress
Libuše Kosová (born 1956), actress
Libuše Márová (24. December 1943, Sušice), opera singer/actress
Libuše Matějová (23. November 1930, München), actress
Libuše Mayerová, actress
Libuše Mincová, actress
Libuše Müllerová, actress
Libuše Pešková (5. July 1924 Prague - 30. November 1994 Benešov), actress
Libuše Pospíšilová (2. August 1923, Habrovany), actress
Libuše Rogozová, actress
Libuše Štědrá (b. 1942), actress
Libuše Zátková, actress
Libuše Zemková, actress
Libuše Koutná, director
-- Emilie007  12/9/2008
Libuše is an Old Czech name. It is derived from adjective libý, the base of which is Slavonic ljub meaning "love", "lovable". Related names are Ljuba, Liběna and Liboslava.
-- MaggieSimpson  2/14/2009
Pronounced as "LIB-uw-sheh".
-- Samantha Carter  12/5/2015

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