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Pronounced LEE-ze-lot-tuh.
Considered old fashioned in Germany.
-- JHK  9/3/2006
There's a totally outdated German textbook about "Hans und Lieselotte." They live in "Cadolzburg".
-- lunalovegood  9/16/2006
This is Jens Lehmann's daughter's name. Sad that I know this? Quite.
-- podolski_fan2  1/30/2007
I just love this name. I probably wouldn't use it, but it sounds like a princess.
-- SEC908  2/10/2014
I'm a native French-English kid, and for some reason, this name reminds me of lis a lot (French-English combination), lis meaning read, so Reads a lot. Since I love reading, this name is perfect :)
-- pasie  8/11/2015

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