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Lye-la - shade of purple, flower short for (lilac) female version of Lyles meaning(Island) I'm Scottish. Lee-la is the eastern form which means night, dark hair (Arabic) closest meaning in English is (play) in hindu.
People get it mixed up. My Husband is hindu and he didn't even assume to say it Ly-la because in his religion (Leela) is Lord Ramas' wife, Lyla doesn't exist in the culture.
So basically, Lyla is the American/northern European name
And Leela is the middle eastern version.
I loved the name Lyla at first, but when I found out more of the history of the names and which had a clearer background I chose Leela- both are beautiful though.
Kristin.c1  8/11/2017
Lilah Tov means "good night" in Hebrew. I named my daughter Lilah (Lie-Lah) for two reasons... I loved the name Lilah since the 80's when I was addicted to General Hospital :) and, because I hoped by naming my daughter "night", it would provide a subliminal suggestion to sleep well through the night. It worked, in case you are wondering!
shebz  12/20/2014
My daughter is Lila Lie-la. When I named her, the name was almost unknown. The following year it was one of the most popular according to the social security administration. I knew it as an old southern name, and I liked the Persian meaning which is God's Free Will. There is a word Lila which means night in Arabic, but the name Lila does not mean night. Two years ago in the grocery store, a middle eastern man overheard my daughters name, and he stopped me to tell me his aunt is Lila (from Iran I think) and he was very clear to say that when they call her Lila, they are not at all referring to night and the name carries no such impression in his country. He seemed a little offended that people associate night with the name. He said the name Lila and the word Lila are very different meanings. In English, and certainly in the south, the name is pronounced Lie-la. And yes, we call her Li (Lie) for short sometimes. Someone said it is old and new at the same time and I think that's pretty true.
LilaGodsfreewill  6/11/2014
Lila means 'voilet' in Dutch. It is pronounced as Lee-la.
reddingsvestje  9/30/2009
Lila also means "purple" in German.
LimeGreen  12/13/2006
I wouldn't associate Lila with the Arabic name Leila or the Indian name Leela as a variant. Lila by itself means lilac, and nothing more.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2006
Lila means "lilac" in German and French, this is true. Lila is also an old southern nickname for Lily. As for the rubbish association with Lilith the evil vampiress cast out from Eden, this is for superstitious fools who read FICTION and twist it into FACT. We all know that Eve was the only wife of Adam, and any other claim is not Biblical. It's called folklore!
Fionafabulous  8/12/2006
Lilith is indeed the first wife of Adam--in the Jewish Bible, so I don't think you should be saying ignorant things like that.

Anyways, Lila is an okay name.
Lunar_Wolf  11/30/2010
Lilith is not in the Bible. She first appears in the Babylonian Talmud, which is commentary on the Bible. But yes, none of it should be taken as fact, and it isn't by most clergy and/or religious scholars.
triangular  2/24/2011
The Bible is a collection of mythology that has been interpreted over many centuries, not a fact book. And Lilith (or Lila) has been used in folklore as a name for Eve. Both Lila and Lilith mean "night."
freethoughtgal  12/26/2009
The names "Lila" and "Lilah" could be also interpreted as short forms respectively of "Delila" and "Delilah".
iva_toneva  6/14/2006
The name Lila (or Lilah) can also be found amongst apocryphal myths and Jewish folklore as a diminutive of Lilith, Adam's alleged first wife, who rejected him and became the mother of demons, murderer of infants, and the "original" seductress. Literal translations of the name include "Night". The word "lullaby" possibly has roots in a plea for Lilith (or Lilah) to pass by, sparing a child. For additional info, I highly recommend the Online Etymology Dictionary ( For an interesting perspective, check out the title song of "The Night" by the band Morphine, which demonstrates a refreshing erudition; so rare in contemporary music. It is also a hauntingly beautiful love song, replete with dual meanings.
theMonkey  12/5/2005
Lila or Lilah also means "night" in Arabic.
Carby7  7/2/2005
Lila is the French word for lilac. It's pronounced lee-LA.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2005
The German word "lila", pronounced "lee-ah" means "purple".
Destry  4/13/2005

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