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This is the acronym for the Life Insurance Company of North America.
-- wiswina  8/17/2005
It's the main character in The City of Ember and also in The Wheel on the School.
-- lunalovegood  1/8/2006
Lina (LEE-nah) is a common short form of Karolina in Sweden. But Lina is also used as a formal name.
-- Ylva  5/17/2006
Joan Fontaine's character in Hitchcock's "Suspicion" is called Lina.
-- Anonymous User  11/1/2006
Lina Inverse is the heroine in the manga/anime Slayers.
-- Jeana Bradbury  11/21/2006
"Lina" could be a short form of Alina.
-- iva_toneva  2/3/2007
I've always heard this pronounced LEE-na, although I suppose it could be LIE-na if the full name ended that way.
-- Aqua  4/28/2007
Also a girls name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/3/2007
Lina Medina is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history. She gave birth at the age of 5 years, 7 months and 21 days.
-- Florabel  7/4/2007
Lina Basquette (1907-1994), actress known more for her affairs than her acting. Said to be a favorite of Adolf Hitler's: "Maybe if I hadn't been so fastidious I could have changed history, but, oh, that body odor of his!"
-- cateyedsnake  8/27/2007
Lina Mayfleet, main character (one of two) of the book The City of Ember, and its sequel, The People of Sparks.
-- Luanna  1/24/2008
A diminutive suffix, like the French -ette, which is favorable and positive.
-- rogerelisabeth  5/2/2008
Estonian for flax.
-- elilont  8/10/2008
In the book The Luxe, this is the nickname for the maid-turned-society girl Carolina.
-- margs66  3/22/2009
Lina Wertmuller, Italian film maker.
-- Anton  3/13/2010
Lina is also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
-- goricar  7/25/2010
Lina may also derive from the Germanic element linde "soft, tender", or it could be a feminine form of Linus.
-- goricar  7/25/2010
Lina Leandersson (born 27 September 1995) is a Swedish child actress. She starred as Eli in "Let the Right One in".
-- Lunar_Wolf  9/8/2010
I love this name! It's so sweet and cute but still won't outgrow a little girl. I really would use this name! :D
-- adrenalinekat  6/17/2011
Lina Lamont was the actress with the awful voice on the classic movie "Singin' in the Rain." In spite of this connotation I find the name quite beautiful.
-- Meeke  4/25/2012
Not only in Sweden but other parts of Europe, as short form for Carolina
(pronounced leena).
-- Anonymous User  11/20/2012
I prefer Lena.
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2013
My name is Adelina and I go by Lina. I'm from Russia.
-- Anonymous User  3/21/2014
The Arabic meaning is "palm tree" or "tender".
-- Anonymous User  8/22/2014
Lina Schiller (also known as Kira Hitomiko) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  3/23/2015

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