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Though Linda means "beautiful" in Spanish, the name is not associated with beauty in non-speaking Spanish countries.
-- alberto  1/7/2006
"Linda" could be also a short form of "Rosalinda".
-- iva_toneva  5/8/2006
"Linda" could be a short form of "Belinda" or "Melinda" too.
-- iva_toneva  5/10/2006
Linda actually means contiguous in Spanish.
-- Anonymous User  12/1/2006
Linda doesn't mean contiguous in Spanish. That'd be "linde".
-- Anonymous User  9/21/2007
Despite the association with the Spanish 'Linda' meaning beautiful, it's origin is almost certainly Germanic instead.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2007
Linda or linden is another name for lime tree. In Berlin there is a famous street called Unter den Linden (under the limes).

It's nice to believe that every girl's name means "beautiful", but there's nothing wrong with it being a tree.
-- jestingrace  8/6/2007
I read a long time ago that in Old English -- which I might add is a totally different language than our English, King James's English is considered modern English -- that Linda meant lime tree.
-- bibleuser777  8/8/2008
Actually, Linda does not mean "Beautiful" in Spanish, it simply means, "Pretty."
-- Anonymous User  5/3/2009
Linda (spelt just like that) is found in several Bantu speaking groups in east, south east and southern Africa. It means "wait".
-- Anonymous User  11/25/2013

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