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Has also been seen as Linnhe, as in the Loch Linnhe in Scotland, pronounced the same as Linnie.
LissyMae  9/15/2006
Cute! It's a good nickname for tons of names, like Evelyn, Roslyn, Eleanor, Lynette, and a much better, more unique nickname for Madelyn/Madeleine than "Maddie".
― Anonymous User  2/2/2013
For some reason, I love the name Linnie. It seems delicate and beautiful to me, like snowflakes or fine lace. Yet it doesn't seem weak. I like it so much I would use it on its own, not as a nickname. (For balance, I would choose a more standard name for the middle name, such as Amanda or Catherine).
linden-tree-murmur  11/25/2014
My first name is Lynn but many people in my family have called me Lynnie for years. Lynnie seems to fit me better than Lynn and I love the sound of it. I'm pleased to be a Lynnie!
Lynnie M  8/14/2016
It can be a nickname for Caroline/Carolyn instead of the traditional, common Carrie.
lexigrant  3/1/2017

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