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I think the only way anyone can pronounce the Ll is if you're Welsh! The best way I can explain it here is to put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and make a hissing sound.
As for the rest of the name, it's pronounced uh-well-in (Literally how you pronounce those words).
So add the hissing sound to the start of the sentence Uh, well in and you've got it!
I hope that helped, haha!
CaraJane  8/16/2015
In the "Blue Bloods" series, Bliss Llewelyn is the daughter of Lucifer.
Alstroemeria  5/28/2010
This name is really weird and demented. Muhaha.
yohevid  10/13/2008
Living in the US I've always heard it pronounced like "Lou-ah-lin" but I'm sure it's different in Welsh. Either way I think it's a great old-timey, manly name.
cedesm  5/8/2008
I found a website that explains the pronunciations of Welsh names, and their advice for pronouncing the 'll' sound is to "put your tongue in the 'l' position and try to hiss".
― Anonymous User  3/30/2008
Llewelyn Moss is a character in the movie "No Country For Old Men".
NiamhWitch  3/16/2008
Pronounced hloo-ellen.
TSato  9/11/2007
I think the name itself is very cool, but I'm a bit confused as to how it's pronounced. I've read that the double l in Welsh can be approximated by saying 'h' and 'l' at the same time, but I'm not sure how the rest is said. I like it, but I'm sure that in any place other than Wales (or with anyone who is not familiar with the Welsh language) the pronunciation would be completely butchered.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2007
Llewelyn Fawr was a famous Welsh prince who united Wales in the thirteenth century. Here Be Dragons, by Sharon Kay Penman, is a very good historical fiction account of his life.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2007

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