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There was a character called Llinos in the tv show "Pam Fi, Dyw?" (why me, God?) which was on S4C in the 90s. It was unintentionally hilarious.
heresthereasonwhy  10/16/2006
I met a girl in Anglesey with this name. It's really beautiful, although I struggle pronouncing it.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2007
This name is rare and precious.
vomiting  6/5/2009
Pronounced Y-ee-n-oh-s.
pennydeadful  6/29/2015
The name Llinos means "Linnet" not Greenfinch. [noted -ed]
kammer  1/4/2017
None of the pronunciations here are correct because the first two 'L's in the name constitute a letter in the Welsh alphabet that's hard to convey using English phonetics. Wikipedia describes it as a "voiceless lateral fricative sound" and you'll find it at the start of a lot of place names (e.g. Llanidloes).
kammer  1/4/2017

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