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As far as I remember the name is not only Scottish. Clan Logan was a long time ago split up and the name didn't really exist any more. But people from both Ireland and Scotland went together after a few hundred years and remade Clan Logan. Wherefter it became one of the biggest clans in the whole of Ireland and Scotland.

this is just stuff i have heard. and i havnt checked it to se if its true. but thought id let you know anyway. btw, great page.

Ah and btw, as u writte the name is origenaly pronounced in gealic, but you didnt writte that its pronounced somthing like: "Lohren".

-Tim Logan-
shalow  1/28/2005
Logan, like Loegan and Loegaid and Leucain and perhaps later Lucien may be of Celtic origin: Some of these names appear in the Irish legend of the Ulster Cycle: the father and the charioteer of the hero Cuchulain are named Loegaid and Loegan or Laeg. These names come from the Celtic god Loeg or Lugh or Lugus.
albert  6/9/2007
Celtic/Irish Gaelic origin-a word which means lovely meadow.
felishad277  7/6/2008
There are two translations for Logan. One is very common meaning a hollow in the land, be it rugged mountain or grassy glen and is Laggan. The other Loughan and if people do some digging it means Spear. It's a warriors name.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2017

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