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Pronounced "loo".
emoly93  11/6/2007
The Greek is Lykos / Lycos, pronounced: LIE-kohs.
leananshae  12/15/2007
This also means "wolf" in French. It's pronounced "LOO".
― Anonymous User  2/8/2008
The name Loup is derived from the French Loup Garou, the human beast who could transform into a wolf; Basically the French version of the Werewolf. The humans who were lou-garous were said to be in contact with the devil himself.
kaden  11/15/2008
No, kaden, rather obviously it is not. Loup is simply French for wolf, in this case a translation of the Latine word/name Lupus. Loup-garou is in fact a pleonasm (wolf-man-wolf), where the word Loup (wolf) is combined with garoul (old French for werewolf, gar=man, ulph=wolf).
that one  8/8/2011
This name reminds me of Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I am always looking for different names and even though you pronounce it as "Loo" as in a toilet *lol* it's pretty cool.
Gyllian  3/17/2009
This is the root of one of my last names on my father's side Lopez which means son of Lope.
solareclipse243  8/10/2010
Marie combines perfectly with the name Loup.
Schizofrenic  1/12/2011
A hyphenated form of this name also exists : Jean-Loup. Like the French astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien.
TheLucy7  9/14/2012
Hardly given at all, except in Jean-Loup (also uncommon).
luxsword  4/28/2014

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