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Lucienne Boyer was a French diseuse and singer, best known for her song "Parlez-moi d'amour". Her impresario was Bruno Coquatrix. She was born as Émilienne-Henriette Boyer in the Montparnasse Quarter of Paris, France. Her melodious voice gave her the chance, while working as a part-time model, to sing in the cabarets of Montparnasse. An office position at a prominent Parisian theater opened the door for her and within a few years she was cast as Lucienne Boyer, singing in the major Parisian music halls.
cutenose  1/12/2017
Rare and old fashionned.
luxsword  4/28/2014
Lucienne is a beautiful vintage French name. It was quite popular from about 1900 to 1940, reaching its peak in 1920 with over 6, 000 babies being given the name, but is now very uncommonly given to little girls. It deserves a revival, I think!
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
My middle name, I personally love it, but I've always had to spell it to the most people. It's quite rare outside of French speaking countries and the most native English speakers have problems to pronounce it right as the "ü" sound doesn't exist in English. So that is something to consider if this name is chosen.
ms. c  6/3/2013
At first I'd never herd of this name, but after seeing Fly Boy I like it. Really cute name=)
― Anonymous User  11/14/2010
Gorgeous, so much more elegant than Lucy! Though I like that name too.
Chrila96  11/3/2010
Elegant and uncommon.
vomiting  3/3/2009
Pronounced lue-syen (lue like rue in French) is right.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2008
Pronounced loo-SYEN. [noted -ed]
TheLastMontague  5/12/2007
Pronounced Loo-see-enne.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2007
This is the name of the French girl in the movie Flyboys.
JungKyungSoon  11/17/2006

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