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Ludo is the name of a band.
SolitaryLedah  3/5/2011
Ludo is a board game that is similar to the board game Parcheesi.
bananarama  12/30/2009
Ludo is a character in the 1986 fantasy David Bowie film Labyrinth.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2005
The kind, monstrous furry character "Ludo" from "The Labyrinth" is a very personable and nice character, resembling a huge version of one of the Wild Things, from the noted children's book "Where the Wild Things Are." Ludo has the following interesting characteristics:

Thick Fur
Penetrating Call (a bellow)
Large Horns, much like a bull or minotaur
Heavy brow ridge, not unlike a neanderthal. Which would probably serve a crucial function by keeping the sun out of his eyes. If the character Ludo were an example of a real organism, we could suppose that his vision might be more sensitive to light than the average human, that he might or might not be able to see color, and that perhaps he has a very keen sense of smell.
His ability to speak English seems limited, slow and ponderous in an endearing way. MOST interestingly, he seems to have telekinesis, but FOR ROCKS ONLY. To use this capability, he needs to bellow. When asked how he can do this amazing thing, he will explain about this is to say "Rocks friends."
SithiR  5/20/2008
Used by J.K.Rowling in Harry Potter for her character Ludovic "Ludo" Bagman.
Bex  10/12/2005

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