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Lydie Solomon, is a French pianist and actress, born to a Franco-Romanian father and a Korean mother. She speaks fluent French, Korean, English, and Spanish and has a working knowledge of German and Italian.
cutenose  6/6/2017
I would use Lydie ONLY as a nickname for Lydia.
If I ever end up naming a daughter of mine Lydia (it's definitely a strong potential) Lydie would definitely be her nickname

Lydia\Lydie is GREAT!
― Anonymous User  12/26/2014
I also prefer Lydie as a nickname to Lydia. Lydia is a name I absolutely adore and to me, Lydie as a nickname just makes complete sense. I pronounce Lydie as Lih-dee (Low I) I wouldn't say it as Ly-dee or Lee-dee.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2016
Famous bearers:
Lydie Románská, poet
Lydie Junková, author
Lydie Härtel, harpist
Lydie Blažková-Pravdová, secretary of economical-administrative faculty
Mgr. Lydie Špáníková
Lydie Kheková, ceramist
Lydie Denier, actress
MUDr. Lydie Hábová (doctor of medicine)
PhDr. Lydie Stočesová, interpreter (German and Russian language)
Lydie Černá, interpreter
MaggieSimpson  2/27/2009
Pronounced "Lee-DI:ye".
Maggie_Simpson  12/14/2007
Lydie is in 301st place in the Czechia Top 1000. It was borne by five little girls.
Janika  11/12/2007
Lydie is the Czech form. Name Day: 14th December (Czech).
Maggie_Simpson  10/8/2007

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