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Lyle sounds like the name of a creepy weirdo. I've never liked it, it just skeeves me out. It doesn't help that this is the name of one of the murderous Menendez brothers.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2019
I don't like this name really. It doesn't sound strong or masculine.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2019
Very unique. I need to look into this name more!
nylonpanda  9/13/2019
I think this name sounds quite nice!
nylonpanda  12/9/2019
Lyle Morgan is Arthur Morgan's father in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.
justpeachy  8/7/2019
For some very weird reason this name sounds vaguely feminine to me. Perhaps it's because it sounds a little bit like Lily.
wh0sbad  7/20/2019
As interesting and peculiar this is to me I like the sound and rarity of it. A cool athletic boy name or pompous butler sounding name. I have no issues with Lyle. Sometimes soft sounds for guys are really nice in comparison to harsh sounding names.
jazzycritique  1/28/2019
The blue otter from Animal Crossing is named Lyle.
Brionne  11/16/2018
In 2018, 56 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lyle who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 986th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
Gosh no.
kayisforkeen  9/20/2018
“Lyle Stevik” was the alias used by a formerly unidentified man who, in 2001, committed suicide by hanging in an Amanda Park, Washington motel.
XYKLONE  8/31/2018
The VeggieTales film Lyle the Kindly Viking, which is about sharing, stars Junior Asparagus as Lyle, who is, not surprisingly, a kindly viking. One of my favorite VeggieTales movies!
That70sShowGeek  2/21/2018
The name Lyle was given to 207 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Lyle are male.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
The name Lyle was given to 183 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
Lyle Alzado.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2016
I love writing and if I ever have a butler character, I am definitely considering Lyle! (And Kingsley as the last name!)
pamplemousse_bleu  9/5/2014
Lyle is the name of Addie and Eva's little brother in What's Left of Me, the first book in The Hybrid Series.
jay_982  1/25/2014
The name Lyle was given to 132 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
I don't really like Kyle, but for some reason I really like this name. Maybe it's because it's less common, I don't know. It's a shame it's not in the top 1000 anymore, its got a nice ring to it! It makes a nice middle name too (: I guess it sounds kind of feminine, but you're better off just using it for a boy and using Lisle for a girl.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2013
This name is weird, but I like it for some reason.
michelle.ramirez  4/25/2012
To the people that said they can't picture an athlete named Lyle, there are several baseball and football players with the name Lyle.
Lyle Overbay is a first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Lyle Blackwood is a retired football player.
Lyle Mouton is a retired baseball outfielder.
michelle.ramirez  4/25/2012
This name sounds pretty shady...
codenameflame  2/28/2012
I think Lyle is a great name. But I do agree with an above poster, that Lyle is better suited to someone in academia than athletics.
erb816  7/7/2010
I think this would be a good break from the over-used Kyle, I think the two l's being so close makes it a little hard to pronounce but overall, I would name a son this.
Curlytop78  9/29/2009
One of my friends' name is Lyle. I think I like the name because it's not too common and it's pretty nice sounding. However, I can't really imagine it being used on someone very big or athletic. I can really only picture it on a loveable nerd or someone more into academics.
plutogirlgenius  9/1/2009
Lyle Gorch, an important character in Peckinpah's Wild Bunch, played by Warren Oates.
Patria-Sue  5/24/2009
I know a girl named Lyle, and for that reason I find it quite feminine. I'm sure if the only time I heard it was on a guy, I would find it masculine, but since my first impression of it was for a girl it just seems to fit for a girl to me.
DorktasticKelly  12/13/2008
I've heard this used as a nickname for Carlisle.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2008
I used this a middle name for my son Kristopher. It is a name that has been passed down as a middle name for several generations on my husbands side of the family.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
A famous bearer is musician Lyle Lovett, who is unfortunately better known by many as Julia Robert's ex-husband (they were married from 1993 to 1995).
WeloveyouJesseLacey  11/19/2005
The feminine form of this name is Lyla.
Sedalyn  5/16/2005

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