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Lynn is not just a Welsh term, but also Scottish and Irish. In Scottish placenames Linn can refer to a waterfall as well as a pool.
reniannen17  7/29/2006
I don't know about "linn" meaning "waterfall" in Scotland and Ireland, but it does indeed mean "pool"; hence Dublin's original Gaelic name "Dubh Linn" (DOOV linn), meaning "Black Pool". "Linn" also means "age" (as in a period of time) or "era" in Irish and Scots Gaelic.
gaelruadh19  8/17/2006
Lynn may come from the Irish Gaelic name "Flynn," which means ruddy-complected.
sarahj  3/9/2007
Possibly a shortened form of Lyndsay.
tessareea1  6/16/2010
The name Lynn also is short for Linda, which in Spanish is the word for "Beautiful".
CalypsoG  12/17/2010

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