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Lysistrata is the title of a famous comedy by Aristophanes, in which women successfully use their sensual power to bring their husbands home from the Trojan War. (The women had threatened to withhold all lovemaking unless the men returned home immediately.) The woman who organizes the female characters is also called Lysistrata.
Jenna R  2/15/2006
The meaning is awesome and it's pretty different from other names, but I'm not fond of how it sounds. You can get a lot of nicknames from it like Ly, Lyra, Sissy, Ray, etc. So, overall, I like this name. And from what the other comment said, the movie sounds funny. XD.
Kerules  4/1/2009
Even though I think Lysistrata is quite pretty, I would never name my daughter this, or even a character this, for two reasons:
1. It can come across as even more pretentious than Clytemnestra (which I disagree with about being pretentious, but that's a debate for another time).
2. It's the name of a play about women withholding sex from their husbands. A comedy, yes, and one with a strong message, but teasing galore!
erb816  8/21/2009
This just reminds me of the musical Lysistrata Jones, which my favorite actor is in, so I guess it's okay.
actingfun  1/30/2016

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